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Gratings (available from stock)

Conventional galv steel grating

Often used on board of vessels / industry / offshore / oil&gas and powerplants etc etc. Type RX grating is manufactured utilizing a premium fire retarding isophtalic polyester mix and continuous glass roving reinforcement. ISO-FR gratings exhibit a flame spread rating of 25 and a smoke index of 800 or less when tested in accordance with the ASTM E-84 tunnel test. The gratings meet the following requirements: DNV type approval, M1 – F0 SNPE fire and smoke, and R13 BIA slip resistance as per BGR 181 and DIN 51130.

In corrosive environments such as seawater, glassfibre reinforced polyester (GRP/FRP) RX gratings provide the best alternative to conventional galvanized steel gratings.

GRP gratings combine cost – effectiveness with an extremely long life-time as they won’t cost you more than conventional galvanized steel gratings and once installed they will last until the vessel goes to scrap!


Stairway solutions
Maintenance free GRP Grating

- chemical & corrosion resistant
- impact resistant
- fire retardant
- light weight & high strength to weight ratio
- easy installation (adjustments easily made / cut)
- long lifetime & maintenance free
- electrically & thermally non conductive
- DNV approval (certification available)
- spark free
- harmless to the environment
- self-supporting construction
- slip resistant
As per IMPA code 67 38 11 – 67 38 12 – 67 38 13

Strength in all directions

Basis of the strength of GRP gratings are the endless woven glassfibres. Together with the polyester or vinylester resin mix, these glassfibres are being pressed together in a mould. Because of this production method, GRP gratings have a very high strength in both directions, length as well as width. Moreover, in GRP gratings, holes and cut outs can be made without losing strength. Pipe penetrations need no extra support, so installation is very efficient. Because cutting is easy, changes can be easily made on site if necessary.



Available sizes

Available meshes

Available types/colors




type FD-FR, grey (RAL-7035) - Standard + chemicals




type ISO-FR, green (RAL-6010) - Standard + chemicals




type VE-FR, red (RAL-2002) - HD chemicals & acids



Gratings Gratings Gratings

Other sizes and colors (RAL) available on request




For safety reasons, gratings should be fastened correctly.



Clips, B-type A 4
Type B-clips press the grating to the supporting beam.
The supporting beam doesn’t have to be drilled and the clip can be mounted single handed from above.



RX Grate seal kit

Fiberstruct sealing kit is a transparent, chemical resistant, cold setting vinyl ester resin system. All grating, which requires cutting during installation of prefabrication, should have the cut surface sealed with this resin system. Easily applied by brush the resin protects the grating against water and chemicals.



Gritted surface

Optionally the gratings can be provided with a gritted surface. The slip resistance also meets: R13 according to BGR 181 and DIN 51130.

More GRP constructions:

Handrails / cage ladders / stairs / platforms / walkways and customized structures




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