Armoured cable

If you require an armoured cable for an offshore, marine or shipboard application, check the large assortment of Ditco’s marine wiring. We offer a wide range of sizes, armouring, flexible conductors, halogen free cables and much more. Whatever the type of armoured cable you require, you are sure to find it at Ditco.

For all ship supplies

Ditco offers a wide product range for all types of ship supplies, ranging from an armoured cable to nautical charts, marine paints & chemicals, anchors & chains, pneumatic equipment, oil spill products, GRP gratings and much more. Have a look on this website for an overview of our collection.

Contact and information

If you require more information regarding a specific type of armoured cable, please feel free to contact Ditco. We’re glad to provide professional advice and information through the contact form on this website, or e-mail address For direct contact, please contact us through phone number +31 (0)180 46 29 22.