Explosionproof lamp

For an explosionproof lamp, visit the website of Ditco Worldwide Shipsuppliers and find the type suitable for your application. For any hazardous areas on board, an explosionproof lamp is required according to legal standards. Here, you find a wide range of specialty lighting and other electrical- and safety equipment.

All types of ship supplies

Besides an explosionproof lamp, you can find all types of ship supplies at Ditco. We deliver across five continents, with our most important market being Europe. Whatever your requirements or standards are, we always provide the best possible service. Our Lloyds ISO certification 9001-2008 substantiates this.

Contact information

If you have any queries regarding the purchase of an explosion proof lamp, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re glad to provide information and advice. Direct your questions through the contact form or e-mail address sales@ditco.nl. We will revert soonest possible.
For direct and personal assistance, please dial +31 (0)180 46 29 22.