GRP Gratings - Strength in all directions

Basis of the strength of GRP gratings are the endless woven glassfibres. Together with the polyester or vinylester resin mix, these glassfibres are being pressed together in a mould. Because of this production method, GRP gratings have a very high strength in both directions, length as well as width. Moreover, in GRP gratings, holes and cut outs can be made without losing strength. Pipe penetrations need no extra support, so installation is very efficient. Because cutting is easy, changes can be easily made on site if necessary.

Extensive product range

GRP Gratings are available in several thicknesses, from 12 to 51 mm and several mesh sizes. As additional features the gratings can be gritted, made conductive or have a closed surface (waterproof). A wide range of RAL colors is made availble, special RAL colors can be supplied upon request.


For safety reasons, gratings should be fastened correctly. We provide a broad range of fasteners. Of course we will gladly advise you.

Partnership Fiberstruct

We have an exlusive partnership with fiberstruct, the manufacturer of the GRP gratings, fasteners and handrail system.

DNV Certificate is available upon request.



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